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Items Free Shipping To US

As we have a warehouse in the US, so we'd like to offer free shipping for the customers in the US area.
Please carefully see the items which are free shipping to the US. 

Fast Chargers More Chargers Flashlights Batteries Accessories
D2 2A Fast Charger PB2 Power Bank & Charger B20 1100lm Sports Light 18650 2600mAh Battery Box(18650 XB1)
D4 2A Fast Charger EU2 Charging Hub D06 1200lm Dive Light 18650 3500mAh 12V 2A Wall Adapter
OVER 4 SLIM 4.1A MC1 Small Size D06 1600lm Dive Light CR123A 1400mAh Battery Case
SC2 QC3.0 Fast Charger ANT MC1 PLUS D06 900lm Dive Light   12V 2A car adapter
ROCKET SV2 Fast Charger MC2 2-Bay Cost-Effective D08 2000lm Dive Light   5V 1A Car Adapter
SC1 Fast Charger MC2S 2 Bay 1A Charger D26 1600lm Dive Light   5V 2.1A Car Adapter
MC2 PLUS 1A Fast Charger MC3 3-Bay Cost-Effective PK Keychain Light   5V 0.5A Car Adapter
X2 Li-ion NiMH Fast Charger MC4 4-Bay Cost-Effective RC1 Rechargeable Flashlight   Lubrication Oil
X4 Li-ion NiMH Fast Charger DRAGON VP4 PLUS Fast Charger Test Function TZ20 Tactical   USB Cable
  VC2 LCD Charger TZ28 1500lm Tactical   PD45 US wall adapter
  VC2 PLUS 1A LCD Li-ion NiMH Charger WK007 Zoomable EDC Light   Waist Pouch
  VC2S 2A LCD Li-ion NiMH Charger WK18 1000lm EDC    
  VC4 1A LCD Li-ion NiMH Charger USB XPK Keychain Light    
  VP2 LiFePo4 Charger      
  VP4 LCD Charger