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How can I change my shipping address?
The shipping address can be changed before shipment. 
Please note: After changing the address in the Address Book, the addresses in the existing order will not be changed synchronously. 
If you need to change the shipping address in an existing order, please be sure to contact us to help you change it.
If your order status is "shipment shipped", we're sorry that you can change the shipping address.

What if my parcel is damaged?
In the unfortunate situation that your items are delivered damaged please contact us with your order number ready and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

What should I do if the package is lost?
If you find that the tracking information is abnormal, please contact the shipping company or contact us to confirm the situation. If it is confirmed that the package has been lost, we will resend the item for you.

Can I get a refund if the package is destroyed or returned?
If the package is destroyed or returned due to shipping company or our reason, please don't worry, we will provide you with the best solution.
If the package is destroyed or returned due to customer’s reason, such as customer can't sign for a long time, customer did not provide the necessary information, customer refuses to pay the tariff, customer refused to sign the package, etc. We are unable to refund any fees because once we accept the returned package, we will pay a fee several times higher than the order amount.

The tracking information shows that it has been signed but I did not receive the package. What should I do?
If you have not received the package, but the tracking information shows that it has been signed, please confirm that whether the package is in/at the mailbox, or signed by your family or neighbor. Please contact the express company for details. Sometimes, if there are no express company locations near your home, they may entrust the package to another shipping company. In this case, you should ask them to give you another shipping company name and a new tracking number. If they can't provide you with any useful information, please file a complaint with the shipping company, then please contact us on time and sent us the complaint number, we will assist you to solve this problem.

What if I unable to sign for the package?
If you are unable to sign for the package due to you are not at home or other reasons. Please contact the shipping company to reschedule the delivery time, or contact a trusted person to sign the package for you.

Where can I get technical help with a product I have bought?
If you have any technical issues about the products, please send an email to us. Our Research & Development team will help with technical issues.